Am I too old or experienced to become data literate ??

Sometimes I feel like my customers are a bit irritable when we start showing them line graphs, spider grams, pie charts, tables.

Either they don’t like the colour scheme, or it’s because they can’t understand anything.

Don’t worry.. help is at hand. It’s little known, that most people at work are not actually data literate. they don’t really get it. What’s the point of data they are thinking?

It’s acrazed. It will go away. Maybe that’s for the junior consultants and you are beyond it now.

But actually, it’s easier than you think. Just as my mum learnt how to use her Apple Mac when she was 65, so you too can learn how to read and use data analytics dashboards. It’s actually much easier than those consultants like to make out.

And to make it easy for you, we have written a book that covers 300 data analytics dashboard must-haves for each business process within your organization. In this book, you can understand the typical data analytics tests per risk area. So you get to see what the point of it all is.

You also get a reference appendix of all the SAP tables and fields for each data analytic. So you can surprise those young consultants with your brilliant SAP knowledge.

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