Your auditors just don't get it - what about those funny transactions hidden in the totals?

An audit director of a fortune 500 company recently shared with me his frustration because his audit managers could not see the point of doing any data analytics. Those managers said that they didn’t need it because they already had detailed balance sheet reports that they can print out of the system.

Even when the director explained to them an example of high-value supplier rebates that were unpaid for over 3 years but hidden within an overall creditor balance, the audit managers couldn’t get it.

And the poor audit director found it hard to convince them that he was right because his background was not in IT, so conceptually it was quite difficult for him to make the argument or launch a transformation of his audit methodology.

This is why we have written AuditZOOM. AuditZOOM lists the 300 must-have data analytics for audit and the reason why each one is so important. It then lists in the appendix all the SAP tables and fields that you need to be able to do each of those data analytics.

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