The auditors are happy as long as you've got the approbation limits policy


But if you have the policy they might notice that you don’t apply it


We do… and if we don’t want to we do the sausaging


What’s sausaging?


You just split the POs up into different ones of lower value. In French, they call it “sausiconnage”.. .those French are always thinking about lunch!


Why do we care anyway?


Well, if you are going to buy something of a significant value, then management is supposed to approve it first, otherwise, you could get people buying all kinds of things, like their own company car, or company housing, or something, and just using it for non-corporate reasons. You could even get people to buy things and using them for parallel businesses.


What’s a parallel business?


It’s where you buy things, but you change the delivery address from the company’s address to the address of another business that you own. And then you sell those things from that other company.

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