Are your free goods floating around the black market?

Whether you are in alcoholic beverages, TVs, scooters or any other Fast MovingConsumer Goods, there’s a high chance that a lot of your goods are out there floating around the black market.

Maybe someone in your warehouse switched your real goods with some fake goods (always easy for alcohol). Maybe someone in your warehouse packed a load of empty boxes under the full ones before the physical inventory. Maybe your sales staff added on 100s of free products for those distributors.

Whatever it is, you have blue-collar workers out there, doing themselves a deal.

This can be hard to control. To start with you are based in HQ and you have millions of lines of transactions of data coming and going throughout the group. Secondly, your auditors or finance people on the ground might actually be quite scared to challenge the status quo (and we’ve seen this even in some “safe” countries).

So what’s your answer. Well, your answer is data analytics dashboards. Reconciliations and KPIs. Where do you have gaps in your supply chain? Where do you have 50 million products delivered to distributors for40 million of sales? Where do you have 20 million purchases for 15 million receptions? Where do you have drops in sales price? Where do you have an unusual % of free goods or products with negative margins?

Wherever there is a leakage, there will be a gap. The challenge is seeing that leakage when you have an ocean of data. This is why you need alerts, like little flashing beacons on the horizon, that draw your attention and show you the world of fascinating black market activity busily going about its business under the surface of your company.

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