Top leaders keep up to date with data dashboarding capabilities this will help you to do the same

Us auditors like to go to conferences. The last time I was at a conference run by QLIK and they were showing so many amazing dashboards and I was feeling really inspired by them, I couldn’t wait to get back to the office and start using their new swanky diagram, I could think of so many applications for. But then at the coffee break, I talked to a few fellow auditors and I realized that at least half of them were a bit lost about it all.

One of them said to me, “does the dashboard come with the data already in it?”

So I realized that actually since I’ve been doing data analytics for 20 years it’s become second nature. We forget actually that people don’t necessarily realize what a “table” is, what’s the difference between a “record” and a “column”. I remember back to my first years’ in data audit when I was trying to figure out what a pivot table is. It sounds silly to me now, but it is not. It’s just because I want familiar at that time. Things were not clear to me.

So you might be thinking that data analytics dashboards are a bit out of your control. Maybe you should just outsource it, or avoid it.

At Aufinia we want to help you get a fast forward on those 20 years of experience so we have created 300 dashboards for SAP for you. They cover all business areas. And we’ve also written a book to explain what is going on with each of them. You can access these dashboards on a subscription basis without any upfront investment or call for tender. This way you can get going with data analytics immediately and learn quickly in order to join the leaders in today’s data revolution.

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