Everyone does side business in this country, it's legal.. isn't it?

How many entities do you have that are doing side-businesses? Let’s put it another way, how many people do you have in each entity that are doing side-businesses?

A side-businesses is kinda like borrowing resources from your company to use in another company. For example, your sales guy sells products very cheaply to his wife’s company. Your purchasing manager buys some extra stock and gets half delivered to his uncle’s restaurant. Your logistics manager uses half of your trucks for delivering products for his father’s business. Your warehouse manager writes off some stock and sells it through the black market.

Side-businesses are everywhere. If you are in head office, it can be daunting to know where they are. One tactic can be reconciliations across your entire supply chain, purchasing process and sales operations. Another way is benchmarking of margins per product, salesperson, sales team, etc.

This might sound like a lot of work, since you may have multiple SAP systems.

Aufinia has therefore created a standard set of 300 must-have controls for SAP, based on core SAPtables that you can roll out almost instantly. You can therefore get a quick rough idea of where the gaps are in your organisation. What’s more, you can get all that information in one place.

We have already researched, through 20 years of experience making SAP dashboards, which tables you need from SAP and how to join them together to get the information you need.

Since our offer is subscription-based, you also don’t require any upfront heavy investment or call for tender process, we can guide your team to get it done instantly.

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