Using a list of top 10 data analytics reports is like fishing with a badminton racket

Have you ever had the experience where your management says, let’s do a Proof Of Concept and then if that works, we’ll invest.

And 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work.

Let me tell you why.

Problems in your company could be anywhere. In purchasing, in sales, in payroll. If you do a POC it will cost you effort, time and money, and the chances of finding something interesting to prove it all to management will be like going fishing with a badminton racket in the pacific ocean.

That’s why we have created AuditZOOM. AuditZOOM provides you with 300 must-have dashboards for your SAP system. Covering all of the business processes. You can instantly refresh the AuditZOOM platform with your own SAP data using our ASAP download tool.

We have also written AuditZOOM, the book. In the book, we describe to you the platform of 300 must-have dashboards and their risks and all the SAP tables and fields that you need for each one.

AuditZOOMis based on over 20 years of experience with fortune 500 companies running SAP. You can benefit from that experience and knowledge instantly, without having to create a proposal for a Proof Of Concept project that will lead you out into the Pacific ocean fishing with your badminton racket.

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