Don't have time for Excel, now you can get automated dashboards on your phone

If you are a CFO, you probably spend a lot of time messing about with Excel. Or your staff spends a lot of time messing about with Excel and then you have to try and work out what they are doing.

A CFO friend of mine was showing me his Excels that he is supposed to review. He has over 2000 Excel spreadsheets, each with formulas and inputs that are used to calculate his month-end provisions.

If your job is to check those Excels, you might find it rather boring after a few months!

What if you didn’t have to do that anymore. You can automate all of your reporting, comparisons, calculations in dashboards that you can access on your phone. Those dashboards can be double-clicked to zoom in on detailed lines of data.

This changes everything. You can free up your time for more interesting work and you can have a quicker overview without looking at lines and lines of data. Furthermore, you can rest assured that your figures are not “accidentally” tweaked in the right direction, especially if your dashboards come straight out of your SAP system, rather than going through a few interested parties mailboxes first.

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