Get SAP dashboards and train your team at the same time

Are you wondering what the best way of getting your team into data analytics is? How do you get them from only auditing based on interviews and samples, to being data curious, data-savvy, passionate about finding out where to find information in SAP.

The mountain is a high one to climb. Especially if your auditors are quite experienced and your budget quite tight.

This is why we have created AuditZOOM for you. AuditZOOM gives you 300 must-have SAP dashboards. You can use our ASAP tool to update them to your own SAP data. You can read the AuditZOOM book to get your staff trained up in how to read dashboards, how to understand data coming from SAP and use it to see risks. Our book also documents all the SAP tables and fields required for each dashboard so that your auditors can feel confident talking to the auditees.

AuditZOOM is subscription-based, so you don’t require any heavy upfront investment to get started. It is a tool kit specially designed to get you going and support your team’s conversion into passionate data auditors.

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