Harnessing SAP data to add value to your board meetings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could navigate around dynamic dashboards during board meetings in order to make the conversations more dynamic? If people have questions for you about your sales on a particular product, or your margins, or your Day Sales Outstanding, wouldn’t it be great if you could zoom in on that particular piece of information, select a region, customer, product or sales team and use that to show real-time data on the performance of your entity?

Here at Aufinia, we have created AuditZOOM to enable you to zoom in and out of your SAP data using dynamic dashboards that show all of your key indicators and that enable you to switch views.

You can start off with our standard package of 300 must-have dashboards for SAP and then use that as a basis for adding any others that suit you, thanks to our unlimited service.

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