How do I get my team to become data fanatics ??

Is your team straight out of school? Or extremely experienced?

If they are straight out of school they could be technically savvy, but not wanting to be seen as a “programmer”.

If they are extremely experienced, they might struggle even with the concept of pivot tables in Excel.

How can you lead them to become data fanatics?

At Aufinia, we have taken the hard-core programming and SAP research out of the journey for you by creating AuditZOOM. AuditZOOM gives you instant access to 300 must-have audit dashboards for SAP, covering all business processes. The dashboards are dynamic and you can drill down to detailed transactions, switch views, filter, etc. Our AuditZOOM book also documents all of the dashboards and the risks associated with each. We have also documented all of the SAP tables and fields that are required for each dashboard so that your auditors can learn and play at the same time.

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