How do you know your staff correctly calculated your DSO?

Your DSO is looking great.
In other words, your outstanding customer debt (what they owe you) is not too high compared to the volume of sales that you are doing. All is well. But management is still having issues with its treasury. So something doesn’t make sense.
Are you sure of your figures? Sometimes it’s hard to be sure, especially if your staff don’t speak much English and you don’t speak any “IT”.
How could they get it wrong?
Maybe they have included cash sales?
Maybe they have included sales in the wrong period?
Maybe they are taking the outstanding AR from last month and not as of today?
Maybe they are putting a higher sales value because the sales team are putting pressure on them to enter more sales than the reality?
Maybe they are not including all the sales, because they are confused about which sales to include from which channel, outlet, product group, etc.
Is it that your sales figures are organized by sales group depending on the channel and products, whereas your accounts receivable people are in a different building in one room. How do you know if all the numbers are getting added up correctly? DO those guys even talk to each other? Do they understand something?
Wouldn’t it be better, if you just got the numbers straight out of your SAP system rather than relying on Excels from here and there, this person and that person?
It’s a little known secret, but all the data you need is in your SAP system. And you can stream that data directly into a dashboard in order to get your DSO in real-time, completely and accurately, without all the messy human intervention.

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