Internal control really can be fun

Your internal control team have to run a lot of surveys with each country, fill in a lot of questionnaires, compile reports, and then you have to consolidate the power points and present them. Some of this work can become a little bit tiresome, let’s be honest!

What if you offered your team a new way of working. Let them play with data from your SAP system in a dynamic way. Let them see strange patterns in data and dive into unusual transactions. Let them be proactive in asking questions and challenging people, rather than just receiving information and compiling it.

Internal control really can be a lot of fun when you incorporate dynamic dashboards.

This is why we have created AuditZOOM. AuditZOOM is a platform of 300 must-have dashboards based on SAP data that covers all business cycles. It comes pre-filled with dummy data that you can replace, by using our ASAP tool. Furthermore, we provide the AuditZoom book to help your team fully understand the 300 must-have controls in the framework and the associated risks, as well as the underlying data from them.

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