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Do you ever feel like there are certain areas of the business that management doesn’t want you to look at?

Senior management might brush you off concerning an area of purchasing and close the door behind them as they go into their meeting.

So you think, well.. they are the boss, so never mind.

But that sense of curiosity lingers.

What if you had a way of seeing what’s going on with those transactions, without actually having to interview too many people.

That’s where data analytics comes in. Thanks to our ASAP tool, you can pull data from your SAP system efficiently and then load it into our AuditZOOM platform. On the AuditZOOM platform you can filter on products and you can see all the KPIs concerning the suppliers, that provide them, the purchases over time, the users that entered the purchases, etc.

You might not know, or have the time to find out, where to look in SAP for the relevant information, or how you need to organize the SAP data to get the information you need. This is why we have done this for you in the AuditZoom platform so that you can quickly get answers to those nagging questions.

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