I let my supplier back-date his invoice to get paid early, and he gave me a trip to Hawaii


Isn’t that illegal??


Nah, it’s not like we are giving him extra cash or anything and he did a good job of providing the services. It’s good to be able to help out a friend when they are in need of a hand with their cash flow. I’ve known them for years. Always provides a good service.


Yeah, but doesn’t it mean that you are giving them an unfair advantage if you do another call for tender


Oh, we don’t do call for tenders for that. No point, they are the only supplier around doing the service.


How do you know?


They told me. And I trust them. They are good friends.


Did you record the Hawaii trip in the gift register?


We don’t need a gift registry for that –it’s off the books.


Oh really, didn’t know it had to be on the books to go on the gift register. Thanks for the tip.

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