Cost is down a bit this year, let's add some ITBRs


What’s an ITBR?


Invoice To Be Received


What’s that?


It’s kinda like, you don’t have enough cost in your period, right, so what you do, is you book some cost on debit and some ITBR on credit.


Why wouldn’t you have enough cost?


Well, you know, sometimes they like to keep the cost up, for tax and …well… ensure you justify next year’s budget and stuff. The beauty of it is, that at the end of the year, the cost stays in the cost account because it is left in the P&L and doesn’t carry over.


But doesn’t your ITBR age or something?


Well, normally no one around here bothers looking at the age of ITBR… but if they did, well, you could just debit-credit refresh it?


Debit –what it?


It’s easy, you post a journal entry that debits the ITBR and credits the ITBR in the same journal entry. And then the system, you know SAP is pretty dumb right, it just kinda like gives it a new life, like the ITBR was just born yesterday, instead of 6 months ago when you first posted it

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