Those sales will come in soon, I’m sure, but in the meantime, let’s make some accruals


Hey Jack, why you posting all those accruals?


Sales are crap this year, we gotta keep up the moral


But won’t someone notice?


Naah, what the auditors, come on, when did they even know what an accrual was! No seriously, don’t worry about it, lots of sales in the bag, they’ll be through in the new year, then we can close it all off.


Shouldn’t we at least, you know post it on different days, different amounts, stuff like that


Yeah, you’re right, ok, let’s just post half of them today and half tomorrow. Be easier if we had a friend down in IT, he could just write a program to do it.


What like a “data fix”?


Yeah –“data fix”… gets around those internal controls every time.


What about the accruals you posted last year, aren’t they stacking up?


I know, look, it’s not great, but no one noticed last year, and this year, we’ve had some sales strategy implementation, we just need to get through this year, and we’ll be able to clear them. I’ve got to keep the salespeople happy, otherwise, they won’t get their commissions… they are already threatening to quit.

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