Messy supplier database, messy accounts payable

It’s a little known secret, but most companies supplier databases are a mess. Companies buy other companies. This SAP system is merged with that SAP system. Legacy systems are migrated into SAP 4 Hana. And despite all the hours of consulting that you pay Accenture for, your supplier database is still a mess.
What’s more, people in internal control and finance will tell you it doesn’t really matter. It’s not important that you have duplications because you need the same supplier information for different functions. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have tax numbers for European suppliers, because those are the entries that are ordering and not invoicing or being paid.
But what about the suppliers that are not real suppliers? Or what about the follow up of supplier invoices? How do you know that the same supplier doesn’t send you one invoice for the first version of them in your database and one invoice for the second version of them in your database…
Having a messy supplier database can mean that your Accounts Payable clerks get confused and that your supplier Due Diligence controls are compromised.

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