Need data insights but no time to write your Call For Tender

Our customer and my friend said to me one day that she really needed to get some data analytics done but she just didn’t have the time to go through the whole call for tender process, interviewing the consulting companies, doing the contract validation, etc.

And that’s when it hit me. Why not have a ready-made platform of SAP data analytics, covering all the standard must-have controls and business processes, that people can subscribe to and refresh their data to.

And so AuditZOOM was born. AuditZOOM is a platform of 300 must have dashboards for SAP. It comes with dummy data that can be refreshed with your own data as well as our ASAP tool that enables youto easily download data from SAP.

If you require additional dashboards you can subscribe to our unlimited service and our SAP experts will make those up for you.

So you no longer need to think about the long Call For Tender process. This is going to revolutionize data consulting!

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