Staff are bored creating the same reports every month, upgrade them to analysts

Not many people know this, but most people change jobs, not because they don’t like their boss, or they aren’t paid enough, but because they are bored. They aren’t feeling challenged.

And what about those that are bored and that don’t change jobs… those are the ones you want to get to go to anyway!

Do you have staff in your team that are doing the same matching processes every month, producing the same month-end reports? Do they sometimes go to sleep on their desk after lunch? Do they sometimes look depressed?

Maybe they need something a bit more exciting?

This is your opportunity to help them get excited about coming to work in the morning. Take away their boring reporting. Let the machine do it. Turn the whole office on its head. Get the team criticising the figures the machine produces, finding errors, looking for improvements, brainstorming.

Let us help you upgrade your staff to analysts rather than number crunchers.

You’ll see, the good intelligent staff will love you for it and will want to invest more years in your company.

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