Is your offshore data analyst team sending you nonsense again ??

Quite often we hear of customers that are frustrated because they have teams working out in India that are doing their SAP dashboards for them, but the results are not quite what they are looking for. Something is up, the dashboard is showing duplicate payments but for cases that were cancelled, product price differences, but for generic material numbers, totals per supplier, but for third-parties that are actually employees, invoices that exceed purchase orders, but for where the purchase order is actually only a quotation, etc.

It can take some specialized staff and some years of experience to get to grips with SAP.

This is why we have created AuditZOOM. AuditZOOM contains 300 must-have dashboards for SAP. We list out in our AuditZOOM book all of these controls, their associated risks, as well as the SAP tables and fields required for each. We also offer you ASAP, our tool that is preconfigured to download from SAP all the data you need to refresh the AuditZOOM platform for your entity.

AuditZOOM is based on 20 years of experience making SAP dashboards for fortune 500 companies. All of the dashboards are tried and tested.

What’s more,  our team of SAP experts can support any additional requests that you have no matter what the business process. We can also answer all of your questions and provide you with expert insights into where we think issues are lurking in your data.

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