Did you know that you could go to prison, just for being a C level employee in your host country?

We were living in Shanghai for four years, and if you have lived in Shanghai, recently you have probably heard this story. A French bakery that all of us expats loved going to suddenly got closed down one day, the management put in prison and the owner fled to England.

What happened? Well, one of their employees complained on a government website that the flour they were using was out of date by about a week or even longer.

So, what’s that got to do with you? Well, did you know that in some countries, such as China, the actions of employees can make C level executives at risk of prison, even if that executive is not the direct perpetrator. What if your staff are doing some special deals with the local government officials? Or, what if they are doing some bribery with private companies? What if they extend privileges to a private company, such as extended payment terms, in return for a new deal signing. Did you know that these could be considered as bribes and could put the executives in danger of prison?

You want to protect yourself and your family despite having high level responsibilities. AuditZOOM enables you to track everything that is going on in your company, and not only rely on totals in your reports. Be aware of what is going on in real-time, from the operational level-up.

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