How can i get alerts on control issues anywhere in the world in real-time ??

You have a lot on your plate. Lots of pesky controls here and there, interruptions, filing, reporting, meetings and Powerpoints.

Are you really being that second line of defence? Is all the paperwork worth it?

Some legislation is really hanging in the back of your mind… what if your entity in South East Asia gets hit by the FCPA… did you really help them to do everything that they are supposed to prevent getting a heavy fine. Or what about that CEO in China. Are you sure that you are protecting him from a Chinese lawsuit under the China Bribery Act? What if he goes to prison because of some fraud in the entity?

How can you protect all those people within your organization? You need some way of seeing all the risk areas in one go, every day and in real-time. You need to know as soon as a huge cash transaction is registered in India. You need to know as soon as somebody’s sales commissions skyrocket in Indonesia. You need to know as soon as the CFO in Brazil enters a manual journal entry for a bank payment in cash. What if you had a dashboard with all of those indicators in one place, like a group control centre?

What if you could even get them coming up on your phone… Well, maybe that wouldn’t make your wife happy –but at least it would mean that you could check the status of your risk without opening your laptop.

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