SAP is not as complicated as the consultants make it sound

Your company is investing a lot of money installing SAP around the world. Large teams are deployed. Millions are spent.

In internal audit, the budget is smaller, but it seems normal to get quotations for around 100K for SAP audit dashboards –right?

Actually, SAP is not as complicated as it sounds.

At Aufinia, after working with auditors of SAP for 20 years, we have compiled a book that gives you all the knowledge that you need to audit your SAP system. AuditZOOM lists the 300 must-have audit tests for SAP, covering all business processes. In the appendix, you will find all the tables and fields that are required for each audit test.

We also provide the Aufinia ASAP tool. This tool enables you to download data from SAP. IT comes preconfigured for each audit test in the book.

What’s more, you can get access to the AuditZOOM platform that has one dashboard for each must have audit test. You can update each dashboard with data from your system as and when you have it.

AuditZOOM is designed to give you all the information that you need to understand SAP and analyze its data, without it seeming like a black box.

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