How do I get my team to start analysing and stop number crunching ??

There you go again, you’ve got really irritated with your staff. You know they are a bit confused. You know that they think they are doing their job. But what’s so frustrating is that they are just showing you numbers in reports, without having any idea about where those numbers came from. Critical thinking just doesn’t seem to come into it.

How do you get them to stop number crunching and start thinking?

What about if you took away the number crunching from them? Let’s think about that one for a moment. If they didn’t have any numbers to prepare if the numbers were just already prepared. Then they would start to wonder if those numbers were correct.

They would start saying things like, how do I know those numbers are correct?

They might even start questioning… and even analysing.

And this is what dashboards do for us, it takes away the menial tasks (by automating the data gathering, crunching and presenting) and it gives us the opportunity to use the critical side of our brain and start analysing.

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