Supplier rebates in my pocket


This supplier paid me the rebate directly and accounting didn’t even notice it was missing for over 6 months, since I switched the debt between suppliers… Besides, no-one does ageing on suppliers anyway


So what are you going to do with the cash?


Not sure, for the moment, I’m waiting to see if anyone notices, but you know what’s it like, everyone worries about customer ageing, but no one “ages” supplier balances. Besides, even if they did, the credits outweigh the debits by far, so from the totals, it looks normal.


Maybe it would be a good idea to just write off the supplier debit note and then wait a few months to see if anyone notices that.


What you mean write it off to loss?


Yeah, you could post it as year-end clearing or something.


Then if no one notices by end of closing, well, that’s the books done and dusted anyway.


Good idea… my wife is going to be wrapped when she gets her Mercedes for her birthday!

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