What makes us different?

Aufinia has developed a set of pragmatic out-of-the-box solutions that you can engage immediately, without having to spend time on Calls For Tender and specifications:

1/ Customized QLIK for SAP dashboards: we can build out any additional dashboards that you require in addition to the AuditZOOM 300.

2/ Dedicated QLIK resources: we can provide you with a specialized resource to build out any dashboards that you require, either on QLIK data or on data from other systems, as well as from files, such as Excel, PDF, text, log files, etc.

3/ Training: Aufinia has developed a data analytics for SAP training to help your team get up to speed with data analytics in the most efficient way possible.

Data analytics secrets

We have created 7 books in the Data Analytics Secrets Series. These books give you a framework of the must-have data analytics for SAP and all the tables and fields from SAP that you need to make simple must-have dashboards for internal audit and internal control.


Aufinia has created an automated SAP GUI that is configured to download all of the data from SAP that you need to do the must-have data analytics.


Aufinia has created a platform, with one dashboard for each of the 300 must-have data analytics for SAP. You can use this platform to kick-start data analytics throughout this Group in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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