These SAP dashboards will save you time and money

So you need some SAP dashboards, but it’s taking ages to define internally what those should be. What’smore, not everyone agrees on the output, how to make them, or who should do them. Should it be the big 4 auditors or that consulting company in India?

And why do they want 6 months to do it? Why not just get SAP GRC, although even that takes the likes of Accenture at least 6 months to implement.

This is why we have created for you AuditZOOM. AuditZOOM has 300 must-have SAP dashboards covering all business areas. It comes already filled up with dummy data that you can replace at will with your own data. We detail all of the dashboards in our AuditZOOM book as well as the data required for each dashboard and we also offer you our ASAP tool that is preconfigured to get that data from SAP.

So instead of needing to spend a lot of time and money on defining what SAP dashboards you want, take AuditZOOM from us and benefit from 20 years of experience doing dashboards from SAP, from our SAP experts. Once you have had time to digest those 300 must-have dashboards you will be inspired to add whatever it is you want to your platform and our experts will be there to add that for you.

What’s more AuditZOOM is on a subscription basis, so you don’t need to do any heavy upfront investment to get started.

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