Why does it take 3 weeks to get data, I need it yesterday

Quite often you have to wait a long time for your teams to consolidate data from various sources. Even if all of those sources are in SAP.

Maybe they download some data from here and there and then combine it with some manual reports in Excel and do some calculations. Then they have to put it into Powerpoint.

It can take them up to a couple of weeks to create nice Powerpoints that give you clear indicators of sales per person, per product, your gross margins, etc.

This time delay can be a bit frustrating.

Aufinia has created AuditZOOM in order to enable you to see your reports and key figures in real-time. Based on SAP data and also other data if you require, AuditZOOM is fully automated.

You can see your reports on your laptop or on your phone.

AuditZOOM comes with 300 standard reports covering all business processes. If you require additional reports, our unlimited AuditZOOM services can set those up for you.

What’s more, the reports that you get in AuditZOOM are dynamic and enable you to drill down to individual transactions or switch the view from per user to per supplier or product. This way you can ask questions of your data and your team without having to wait a few days for them to be able to respond.

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