Top 5 ways to know if a payment value is too high

If you have thousands of suppliers and payments every month it is not easy to ask your SAP system which supplier you are paying too much to.

First of all, SAP does not yet provide you with any comparative data analytics or AI alerts… although that might come in the future.

Secondly, SAP does not provide you with any market price comparisons.

At Aufinia we have efficient and economic ways to help those funny prices jump out at you from your dashboards:

1/ The price for the same material is much higher than other suppliers

2/ The supplier regularly orders generic materials

3/ The price that you pay for the material is much more than what you pay at other entities

4/ The price that you pay for the material is more than what the supplier advertises on his website

5/ The price that you pay for the material is higher than previous prices for the same material and supplier

Of course, it helps to know what you are ordering. If you find that you are ordering a lot of things regularly to vague or generic material codes then this should be sorted out. We can help you to clean up your materials database so that you can monitor your pricing and also your margins more clearly.



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