Phew !! The auditors didn't even notice those extra intercompany accounts


Phew, those auditors didn’t even notice those extra accounts during the consolidation review!


You are kidding me!


No… I was sweating man, I can tell ya. But they sent in the juniors, you know, out of the school lot. Partner was there, but they don’t understand much (giggles). Anyway, they asked for the list of intercompany accounts. At that point, I looked around, and I looked back at them, and I was like, “you want me to just give you the list… in Excel?” And they were like “yeah”.


So then what?


Well, I just gave them the list stupid… but the good list, not the full list, if you know what I mean.


And they didn’t notice anything?


Of course, we put a couple of mistakes in there, to keep them happy, you know, because they need something for their report and all.


Wow, well done, another year safe!


Yeah –another year safe!

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