How can I quickly see the level of internal control across the entire group ??

Have you ever felt like internal control is actually a bit boring? All those “self-assessment” questionnaires… meetings to discuss / recap on internal control levels… SOX controls, samples, folders…

Were you really born for that?

What if you had a dynamic way to drill down to the real issues in your entities: forward dated supplier invoices, debit-credit customer balances, massive payments in cash, customer money laundering in Moscow… the exciting stuff.

Today you don’t need to be tied to the administrative tasks of internal control. You can easily get your hands on dashboards that cover all key risk areas for each business process in SAP and you can get it rolled out within a few days for each of your entities.

Then you can start analysing, drilling down to suspicious transactions, comparing KPIs between entities, calling people on the phone to ask difficult and interesting, informed questions.

You can start to analyse and stop pushing the paper.

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