Of course, our accounts reconcile to the bank statement, we've got clever adjustments


I’m new to this job and I just can’t get the bank reconciliation working


That’s easy, you just add some adjustments into the financial accounts


What do you mean?


Well, when you see that it doesn’t match, you write some manual journal entries in the general ledger for the amount that is not matching.


What you can do that in SAP, isn’t it blocked?


No, not if you’ve got the same access level as the accountants


Won’t someone notice?


Notice what?


Well, notice that we’ve fixed the accounts?


It’s not really fixing the accounts, it’s just making them match. Besides, you really think someone is going to notice your journal entry, we must have over 20 million journal entries a year! Besides, no one ever said anything to me before, we’ve always done it like that. Keeps them upstairs in the boardroom happy!

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