What percentage of your suppliers don't actually exist?

In a SAP supplier database, we typically will find about 40K suppliers.

Out of your 40K suppliers, do you know what percentage of those are not real?

If any of them are not real, are they being used for payments? Bribes? Are you risking some low value misappropriated disbursement fraud or some extremely painful SEC fines worth millions of dollars?

It would take you too long to check 40K suppliers, and it’s not something you can ask your team to do. Besides, once you have finished checking them all, you would have to start again, in case there were any new ones or any changes.

This is why we created AuditZOOM. IN AUditZOOM, we will flag any suppliers that do not appear to be real (because not found on the internet or their tax number is not found, etc.). For these suppliers, you will then be able to see if there have been any payments, invoices, purchases.

You can get this analysis done within 24 hours, by sending us the data. And to help you get the data you need, we have created for you the Aufinia ASAP tool, with pre-configured lists of tables and fields so that you can download from SAP and upload to AuditZOOM within an instant, in order to see quickly where your risks are.

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