Which entities are selling below margin?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look at a map of the world and pinpoint all the entities that are selling below margin?

You could zoom in to that country and see a red dot for all of the entities within the country that are selling below the margin.

Then you could zoom in to that entity and see all of the salespeople that are selling below the margin.

And then, you could switch the view. Instead of seeing the margin based on organizational aspects, maybe you want to see the product group that is selling below margin or the product.

Maybe you would like to switch the view again and see which customers you sell below margin tooAnd then it gets even more interesting. What if you could say to your dashboard, ok, so now I want to see all the combinations of entity+person+customer+product that are below the margin.

Immediately you get the picture of not only where your teams, even the remote ones, are underperforming, but where there might be some suspicious activity going on.

And all of this is now possible today, and with little time and investment on your part. Because we have created for you a set of 300 must-have dashboards for SAP data.

It’s a little known secret, but most of the core tables in SAP are the same set-up, whether you be in retail or oil and gas.

All you need to do is subscribe to our platform and we will have you set up within a matter of days so that you can start playing around with your data and asking interesting questions about it across your entire group.


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