Your stock not moving, why not switch it between plants and back... virtually


Have you seen the state of our provisions?


What do you mean?


That new accounting clerk, says we’ve got 10 M of provisions for slow rotation to post


Upstairs are gonna freak out


Oh, you mean the provisions for slow rotation on the stock? I thought the warehouse was filling up some!


How can we get them off the P&L?


I’ve got an idea, why don’t you just send all the stock out to our other plant in Germany and then bring them all back in again?


That would cost us a fortune in logistics, besides, everyone would notice and start asking questions


No –silly, you don’t “actually” send it… it’s “virtual”, you just post stock OUT movements to Germany. Then the next day you post stock IN movements from Germany. And her presto, all your stock is “fresh and new”!


Fast rotating in virtual cyberspace!


You got it!

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