You need a report but you don't want to explain it to IT

Do you sometimes feel like you get “lost in translation” between your finance department and your IT department? Sometimes you request a report to be created from SAP, but IT can’t really understand what you need, and it takes a few weeks for them to get it right.

At Aufinia, we have created AuditZOOM, a platform with 300 must-have reports based on SAP. To this platform, you can ask our unlimited SAP service experts to create a report and we will add it to your platform.

Since Aufinia’s team have an audit background, we understand your business and we will be able to bridge that communication gap for you.

What’s more, we have created for you the Aufinia ASAP tool. ASAP enables you to download data from SAP without needing to request it from your IT department. Therefore, you can now get your reports as quickly as you need them.

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