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Ever wandered what data analytics should be used for? Ever thought you should get round to mapping your control matrix to data analytics? We get you there instantly....


SAP data analytics is complicated, but we've made it easy for you. We make understanding SAP dashboards fun and easy. We make getting data of SAP painless. We make setting up your dashboards instantaneous...


Our team of experts work on SAP data analytics dashboards day-in-day-out. And have been doing so for the last 20 years. Whatever question you have or whatever dashboard you want, we can understand your business requirements and get it to you within 24 hours for simple questions or 3 days for more complicated ones...


Want to know more about SAP? What should we be doing in SAP? Where do you find the data? What kinds of tests are interesting in SAP? Everything that you've ever wanted to know about SAP and data analytics can be found in our Knowledge Center, including our weekly articles...

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Customer questions answered within 24 hours



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Why dashboards?

Data Visualization is kinda like over hearing gossip about fraud at the coffee machine, and then being able to check on your smart phone the KPIs relative to that area, and then zoom in to the detailed transactions. 


77% of All Global transactions touch an SAP system. We are members of the SAP Partner Edge Ecosystem and our proud to submit our ASAP tool to SAP for certification.

Fast Company Top 10 innovator in Social Good with over 5000 customers worldwide. We are proud to be a partner of QLIK, on which our AuditZOOM platform is based. Our Ho Chi Minh team follow the QLIK training program and many have already achieved certification as QLIK data analysts.

Thanks to our origins in Big 4 audit firms, we are passionate ACL (now Galvanize) programmers and Certified ACL Data Analysts. We use the Galvanize software day-in-day out and we are proud to support Galvanize in the APAC region. We can answer any of your Galvanize questions in record time, thanks to over 20 years’ experience with their software.

CSR Project

Aufinia offers interactive data analytics dashboards, consulting and training services. Using SAP standards as a benchmark combined with their knowledge of internal audit processes, the Aufinia team have a build a smart, simple, and interactive tool that works seamlessly with SAP software to process data.

Enablecode is an enterprise with information technology services. In particular, Enablecode with the mission of sustainable development and job creation for people with disabilities….


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