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One of the best ways to enable your team, is to give them access to short e-learnings about data analytics, that they can access, anytime anywhere.

If your team is about to do an Intercompany Accounts audit, for example, perhaps some of the team members have great knowledge of the data underlying the Intercompany Reconciliaion process, but not so much understanding of the process or the typical internal controls. Other members might have great knowledge of internal controls, but not such good knowledge of the data or example fraud cases and scenarios.

Providing your team with access to e-learning allows everyone to get on the same page quickly and for the topic that concerns them in the moment.

E-learning also supports the use of Quizzes and badges. You can therefore use it as a means to reward those curious team-members who take the time to improve their performance through learning.


Coaching program

If you are trying to get your audit team to get into data analytics, you might feel like it is akin to herding cats. Change Management often requires more than just one-off trainings. It requires coaching. If you want your team to grow, you may enroll them in our on-line coaching program. We will walk them through the process of using data for the planning and fieldwork stages of the audit. We will provide them with tips/ discuss issues/ give them guidelines about how to run substantive testing and interviews using data. Overtime, the team will become more and more proficient and will move from the cat mindset to the sheep mindset, as they see the value of data analytics, and eventually, as they become more experienced, they too will become the sheepdog, able to lead the others in your team to harness the power of data analytics during the audit. 

Technical training

You might want some of your team-members to skill up on PBI, QLIK, Tableau, ACL, SQL or other software. If this is the case, then we can leverage our years of experience and training programs to tailor the right training program for your industry and based on your own data sets (if required).

Technical training can also include accounting principles, internal control guidelines, fraud scenarios and more, depending on the particular forcus that you need to provide to your team