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Automate SAP GUI downloads

  • No server-side installation required
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Scheduling and load-control
  • Works with ECC and S4
  • Comes with 300 download templates
  • Filter on join tables
SAP Data extractor tool - ASAP - Certified by SAP

How does it work?

ASAP works in a very similar way to SAP GUI, except you don’t need to manually enter all of the tables and fields that you want to extract. It downloads data into text files to your laptop in blocks of x numbers of rows that you can specify. It is capable of applying simple filters as well as filters based on links between different tables. Note: ASAP tool now works for both SAP ECC6 and SAP 4-HANA!

Why should you get ASAP?

ASAP comes with 300 pre-configured Excel files that will enable you to automatically get all of the data that you require for the dashboards mentioned in Data Analytics Secrets Book, so that you don’t have to go in and enter all of those tables and fields yourself into SAP GUI.

ASAP does encryption with AES-256.

You can use scheduling to plan your downloads off-peak.

SAP Data extractor tool certified by SAP

If your team is used to downloading data from SAP using SE16 and they have run into some issues, such as the time it takes them to enter all of the SAP fields for each table that they require, or the difficulty in limiting one table based on another one (for example the general ledger detail table does not contain the month, so if you want to have the information for one month, you will need to filter based on the general ledger header table, and this is something very difficult to do in SE16), then this tool will help you to go quicker.

ASAP comes with 300 download templates, one for each of the must-have audit tests mentioned in our Data Analytics Secrets book. This means that your team do not need to spend a lot of time finding out which SAP tables and fields they need and they do not need to spend a lot of time entering that information into the tool.

ASAP installs on Windows desktop or Server. Installation time is about 2 minutes. Once installed, the tool will ask you for the SAP system connection details which will be the same ones that you enter when you use SAP GUI for connecting to SAP.

ASAP enables encryption of the data using AES-256. Your data will be download encrypted. You can then use the ASAP tool to decrypt your data. ASAP will only give users access to data that they can already access using SAP GUI.  ASAP is certified by SAP.