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Any dashboard you require

You may already have an idea of the types of dashboards that you would like to see. If this is the case, our team of certified Qlik for SAP experts can build them out for you.

example of Customized SAP Dashboard

Secure Cloud

  • 24/7 access
  • Encryption, secure password
  • No IT infrastrucutre costs
  • Daily/weekly data refresh


  • Set-up of server in your entity
  • Implementation of dashboards
  • Accessible from any device in your VPN

Improve performance & Transparency

Once you set-up QLIK Enterprise within your company you will be able to see all of your key indicators in one place. If you require, we can group together your favourite key indicators on one page, so that you can have a quick overview. For example, it may be that you want to instantly see on one page:

    • Products with negative margins
    • Stores with low performance
    • Suppliers with exaggerated costs
    • Incorrect accounting records
    • Employees with unusually high expenses 
    • Clients that don’t pay

It might be that you have teams of staff working on Excel everyday to produce reports in Powerpoint and Excel. If this is the case, you will gain a huge amount of time by automating dashboards based on SAP data, thanks to the power of QLIK. These dashboards will be refreshed automatically from your SAP system, so that you don’t need to worry about human error and so that you don’t have to wait until month-end to get your figures.

The QLIK Enterprise system enables you to see critical information from any mobile device or tablet. Monitor your business from any computer or application and get alerts by SMS or email for Key Risk Indicators.

Dynamic dashboards give you the information that enables you to seize cost-cutting opportunities:

      • Decommission expensive suppliers
      • Speed up slow sales
      • Avoid late payers
      • Reduce inventory leakage
      • Fire corrupt employees
      • Reduce head count