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Data has a better idea​

If you want to start using data analytics for SAP, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Where do you start? What knowledge do you need? What types of resources do you need? How much should you pay consulting companies? Which ones should you use? What data visualization software should you use? How can you get your team to change their habits? Aufinia has created the tools and solutions to accompany you on the journey of building data analytics for SAP into your audit and internal control processes in the most efficient way. We invite you to embark on that journey with us, so that you can discover how data has a better idea within your organisation.

Data analytics secrets book

The data analytics secrets book for SAP include 300 must-have data analytics tests. It includes an appendix listing all necessary SAP tables and fields for each test, as well as Ikea-style diagrams on how the SAP tables and fields link together. The book also contain key information to help you identify manual journal entries, calculate currency conversions, understand different date and amount fields, compute user access and much more.

front cover of Data Analytics Secrets Book for SAP

ASAP: SAP Extractor

ASAP comes with 300 extraction templates, one for each must-have data audit test. You no longer need to search endless blogs or manually enter data fields to be extracted.

ASAP does not require server-side installation, so it can be used for any SAP system in your organization.

ASAP is a SAP-certified tool that uses AES-256 encryption. Data can only be accessed based on the end-user’s SAP user profile, ensuring security for your data.

ASAP can be scheduled to run off-peak and manages data-load per file,to ensure that your SAP system performance is not impacted.

ASAP works for both SAP ECC6 and SAP 4-HANA.

3rd Party Checker

The 3rd Party Checker automatically identifies fictitious 3rd party tax codes, automatically identifies 3rd parties without a website and automatically identifies 3rd parties that are individuals rather than companies.

Say you’ve got 40,000 3rd parties in your 3rd party database and want to test those 3rd parties automatically because you’ve got too many. Maybe you want to check those 3rd parties on Google. Maybe you’re going to look through and see which ones are people, and which ones are real companies.

By downloading the 3rd Party Checker, you can speed up this process.

The installation process only takes a few minutes to download and install onto your computer. The 3rd Party Checker runs through all of your suppliers, one by one, and allows you to check it on Google, as well as look it up on government websites to check whether the 3rd party has a tax number or not. It can also check whether a 3rd party is a real person.


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