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We can build out any QLIK for SAP dashboard that you require

Aufinia has a dedicated team of QLIK for SAP experts that can build out any dashboard that you require.

Dashboards may be on any topic and contain any type of graph, be it a standard QLIK graph or a customized QLIK graph. The data  can be from SAP or even other systems that interface to your SAP system. 

Sales Waterfall

The waterfall chart is typically requested by our customers that are interested in detecting negative margins. The waterfall can be filtered by product, distribution channel, customer, region, or whatever other organizational parameter you require.

SAP SOD analysis

Your entity may already use SAP GRC. However, it might be that you are not sure whether or not the SAP GRC system has been set up correctly. Maybe it does not cover all SAP transaction codes. Maybe the project manager at the time forgot to include certain business processes. Maybe you have added new SAP modules since SAP GRC was set up. You might also have some entities within the group that do not yet have SAP GRC rolled out. If any of the above is true for your organization, you can use our SAP SOD dashboards in order to see what user access conflicts you have and who has been using those transactions that are in conflict during the year.

Get access to EXPERTS in QLIK and SAP

Our consultants are certified QLIK, meaning that they have validated knowledge about QLIK and how to build QLIK dashboards. Within our team we have over 20 years’ experience building out dashboards for QLIK for MNCs using SAP around the globe.  Our team is used to building customized QLIK dashboards, where those dashboards are not part of the standard QLIK graphs. Such dashboards include those on process mining and SAP SOD analysis that we have built for some of our major MNC clients.

Our consultants are specialized in SAP, meaning that they have deep knowledge about all of the SAP tables and fields and about how these tables and fields need to be interpreted. They also have a deep understanding of ABAP (the SAP programming language). If you have any questions on SAP then our team will be more than happy to answer those for you.

Our team has a background in audit and fraud detection with over 20 years’ experience in this area. Therefore, we are able to understand your business processes and the risks that you are facing. This experience is combined with our technical expertise and means that we can deliver dashboards to you that are meaningful and useful. We can also understand clearly your requirements, be it concerning financial statements, journal entries, provisions, accruals, logistics or plant maintenance.

  • We understand that you are busy and this is why we want to take the headache away from you for creating Calls For Tender. You can contact us and start tomorrow with a flat-rate contract and we will start building out all of the QLIK for SAP dashboards that you require immediately, without you needing to create a huge project or make heavy up-front investments.  Our team will work with you on a daily or weekly basis, based on your availability and will propose dashboards that meet your requirements, either based on our 300 must-have data analytics in the AuditZOOM platform or based on more specific requirements  that we will obtain from you and refine in an agile style of working and through on-going feedback to your team. We are used to working hand-in-hand with other team members from our customers and we share all of our knowledge as we go, which also helps to train up your teams in the area that they are most interested in.